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Wine By The Bay Collectors Club 

Wine By The Bay Collectors Club

$100.00 per month - 2 bottles per shipment
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Description for the Wine By The Bay Collectors Club

Two expertly selected wines, one Red and one White or two Reds, (our Discretion) are delivered to your door monthly. Our hand selection of exceptional wines, from around the world, are bound to have you looking forward to each months arrival!

Our inspiration stems from great wine makers whose philosophy is not one of manipulation but of cultivating and transmitting a pure expression of Terroir. An unforgettable wine, like a photograph of exceptional clarity and beauty, truly represents a particular place at a particular time. So, following in the footprints of inspiring wine makers around the world, we have cultivated the “Wine By The Bay - Wine Club” as a pure expression of our "Terroir", here at Wine By The Bay!

Our intentions are to make available to you our choicest selections of limited production, boutique wines that are truly "wine club" worthy. You can count on Two wines each month picked for their quality, sheer elegance, beauty and integration! Many of the limited bottling are productions of less than 100 cases for the entire planet!

Your two-bottle shipment cost is $100.00 (plus applicable shipping and/or sales tax). Charges will be automatically applied to your credit card the week your shipment goes out. All shipments will go out the first week of the month.